Internal audit and risk management are two of the cornerstones of corporate governance. Recent events have increased their profile as Boards have become more aware of the importance of understanding risk and regulators are demanding improved control to protect customers.

Unlike external audit, internal audit looks beyond financial risks and statements. Its focus is on the wider issues that help businesses mitigate the risks to which they are exposed as they seek to achieve their business objectives. This means the strategic value of internal audit is greater than it has ever been.

Why Grant Thornton

At Grant Thornton we combine our local and industry knowledge and experience with our risk-based internal audit methodology and tailor our internal audit offering to your size, sector, risk appetite and regulatory requirements. This enables us to offer you a fully outsourced or co-sourced internal audit service that is right for your needs.

Our internal audit / risk management services include:

  • Full outsourcing of internal audit
  • Co-sourcing with the existing internal audit function
  • Provision of specialist internal audit services e.g. IT, disaster recovery
  • Start-up support, including the development of risk registers and cyclical internal audit plans
  • Process mapping and process reviews
  • Internal controls documentation and testing
  • Data analytics and process automation

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